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Episode 3: Mental Health PSA

Why would I be talking about mental health today? Well, the answer is simple; its Mental Health Month and for once, here is a topic that my kind and by that I mean black men, African men, are afraid to address. Growing up in Africa, Sierra Leone to be precise mental illness is for the most part considered non-existent.

Episode 2: The Pursuit of Happiness

I have always been fascinated with this topic. How do people define happiness? For a long time, I was not even sure how I described happiness. So let's get right into it. Before I started the recording, I googled the definition of happiness and what I got was this "the state of being happy." I know what you are thinking, well that was no help and I agree. So here is what I got for the word happy; "feeling or showing contentment or pleasure." Look, I am no vocabulary expert, and I am not about to become one. Now that we have the basic definition of happiness and what it means to be happy, I can continue to bore you with my monologue. If you are like me (please don't be), you must already be stalking (I mean following) people on social media who just look happy. Their happiness makes you want to question your sense of joy. I swear some of these people look like they attended a school that teaches them how to smile and exude happiness. My question is, ARE THEY TRULY HAPPY. If someone tells you that they are happy, is that true? 

Episode 1: African Queen

It is usually assumed that African men do not celebrate our African Queens. I am not denying the fact that we should be praising them more often than we do. There is also this notion that African men are not romantic because we sometimes fail to do or say the things that our foreign counterparts might do or say to our African Queens. However, this is not the same review we get from foreign women. Anyway, that topic is for another day. My goal today is to celebrate the African Queen I know and remind her why she is and always will be a Queen.

Episode 4: Men Hurt Too

I was born a man, but even I cannot tell you definitively what it means to be a man. Scratch that, I cannot give you an answer that will satisfy everyone. Anyway, who cares about satisfying everyone? No, honestly who does? That was not a rhetorical question. If you are concerned about satisfying everyone, please let me know how that's going for you so far. As you listen to this episode, you will notice that I have created segments for the show and also that my voice continues to sound like I'm half asleep.