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Episode 6: Open Book with Daralyse Lyons

Episode 6: Open Book with Daralyse Lyons

"We all come into this world with unique talents and gifts...and if we can align ourselves with our purpose, amazing things happen. Not just for us, but for the people in our lives" - Daralyse Lyons

If there is one thing I have been guilty about over the years is failing to admit that I need help. I have always been the guy who will keep building on quicksand hoping that eventually, the foundation will touch the bottom and it'll all be stable. Well, this episode with Daralyse really touched me (no, it's not what you think).

Ladies and Gentleman, allow me to introduce one of the most phenomenal beings I have had the pleasure of speaking with this year. Daralyse Lyons' words have been a blessing to my ears and my heart. My interview with her could not have happened at a more appropriate time.

"Over the years, Daralyse’s interests and expertise have evolved, and she’s become an avid speaker and transformational life coach, helping people to discover the stories that drive them. Her work rests on the belief that we are all storytellers and that the narratives we tell ourselves and others about who we were, are, and want to be, shape our experiences and, ultimately, our lives. Daralyse works with her clients both individually and in groups to create different narratives that emphasise possibilities over pain and enable them to think of themselves differently and thereby create different futures." - DaralyseLyons.com

Let's kick it:

When we first connected, I had so many scheduling conflicts with trying to bring Daralyse on the show. However, I knew I wanted her to be on the show. She was so gracious about it. Have you guys ever felt like trying to do even more just because someone has been so understanding? No? Maybe it's just me.

When we were finally able to get our schedules aligned (more like me finally getting time off work because Daralyse is awesome and an entrepreneur with scheduling freedom), the result was gold. At the start of the show like I always do, I asked my guest to introduce herself:

Daralyse likes to refer to herself as a transformational storyteller because she finds that helping people transform their stories just has a ripple effect on everything else in their lives.

"It starts off as a solution to a problem"

Daralyse Lyons, 2018

Throw Back:
#FBF #TBT #Throwback

So, jumping into the awesome Kulture Time Machine #KTM (don't use my word. Its mine. Make yours up), we got to meet Daralyse at thirteen. She was an only child of a single mother up until age eleven. After that, her mother met and married being who shall ever be known as The Dictator. Up until her mother marrying, Daralyse felt like she was the centre of attention. Now, as a teenager, she was no longer the centre and felt unloved.

So this where she developed an eating disorder and that is about the time she started a downward spiral. One thing I learnt during this particular journey into Daralyse's past was that in order to change, there has to be a complete shift on the inside. Basically, change starts from within. Don't roll your eyes at me. Sure, I may have heard this before but the way she put it was much clearer.

"It starts off as a solution to a problem" Daralyse talks about how some of our problems such as eating disorders, sex or drug addictions started out not being a problem.

My creepy voice and laugh aside, listening to Daralyse talk about the shift in mindset was crazy because I saw myself in her words. Sure, I was not dealing with an eating disorder but I could definitely relate.

Wait a sec, people. I think Daralyse just got me on the couch without me even noticing it. Here I was thinking I was doing the interview and she hit me with the "what did it feel like for you, to take that leap?" It's funny how I did not notice this during our conversation at the time. We live a life of fear for so long that when we finally get to live in our purpose, the relief is a cathartic experience beyond any other.

For The Culture:

Let me hit you with this, Daralyse has twenty books out. She did all this while being a life coach and a motivational speaker. What's your excuse again? Don't answer that. It was really meant for me. I digress. In this section of the episode, Daralyse talks about how she regained her love for writing after she stopped relying on her old coping mechanisms.

It was after this realisation that she started to help other people live their authentic lives. "A sense of duty and responsibility" according to Daralyse has resulted in men staying in jobs they hate and not pursuing their authentic selves. "We all come into this world with unique talents and gifts...and if we can align ourselves with our purpose, amazing things happen. Not just for us, but for the people in our lives"

We talked about the term imposter syndrome and Daralyse helped me looking at it from a different angle. She says doing the thing you don't to be doing knowing you're not happy is what it means to be an imposter. If you were thinking about checking out the poem by Marianne Williamson, check it out Our Deepest Fear.

Okay, let me take this time to tell you that I am not a genius at editing. For this episode, I used Zencastr and it was awesome. Shout out to Zencastr. However, we had some echoes I could not eliminate. Phew...that is off my chest. I can finally move on.

"Permission to follow your passion in life" - Daralyse Lyons

The Talk:

As always, I ask my guest how you can connect with them and share that information with you. Daralyse's books are available on Amazon for purchase. You can connect with Daralyse via her Official Website, on Instagram and Twitter using her handle @daralyselyons

You can find her latest e-book Tears for Kyra on Amazon. Please go follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and sign up for her newsletter on her website.

Daralyse left us with this advise "The story that has brought you to the place where you are now. If you are not where you want to be, the story needs to change." - Daralyse Lyons 2018

All photo credits: Daralyse Lyons

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