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Episode 5: Let Your Dreams Bloom

Episode 5: Let Your Dreams Bloom

I recently had the opportunity to interview international indie recording artist Brittany Bloom for the show during her Promo Tour for her new single titled You. You can find it on iTunes and other music channels. Brittany and I go way back to my Express days in Augusta, Georgia. As long as I've known Brittany, she has always been fond of singing. Now, I'm not going to sit here and pretend like I knew this day would come. Maybe for her, I suspected that she was going places. What I did not think would happen was me interviewing her on my podcast. We actually talked about this off the show.

This episode was recorded at CAMPspace, which is a co-work space in Hyattsville Maryland. Shout out to CAMPspace. If you are in the DMV area and would like to try a new co-work space, please drop by. You never know, you might run into me or some of the other awesome members. By the way, this episode was recorded live on Instagram. So if you hear me throwing random greetings, I was just saying hello to viewers.

When I asked Brittany to introduce herself to the audience, she was straight and to the point. No fluff. She's my kind of people. However, it was too short because I was struggling to fix my sound and I needed her to continue to talk while I played around with the settings. Sure I could have stopped recording and see what was going on but I just kept going. Why? I don't know so judge all you want. Brittany was the first guest on my show, and she was very gracious. She just sat there and smiled while I struggled with my mic. She even offered her mic, can you imagine? 

Image courtesy of Brittany Bloom

Brittany is from South Carolina but she has been living in Atlanta for the last few years, pursuing her dreams. Okay, now this is where the sound gets really weird. While I am trying to sound all official, my brain was screaming in my head "FIX YOUR SOUND". But the show must go on and when you get the opportunity to sit with a star, you don't want to waste it trying to fix your issues on their time.

During the show, Brittany and I discussed the "lunch meetings" the gatekeepers scheduled. She mentioned one of these men saying "you may make it, but it's going to take a lot longer". Listening to her talk about the obstacles she faced, it made appreciate her successes even more. I've always been disgusted by these gatekeepers who think they have the right to take a piece of you before they let you through. But hearing someone I know talk about it, I lost it. Shout out to all the resilient dream chasers out there who've stood their grounds and not let these gatekeepers deter them.

Before we go any further, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to the Beehive for my foolish words. I was overcome with emotions talking about the gatekeeper issues. My words concerning Bey bore no malice to the Queen herself. It's just that my "Beyonce" is  Tiwa Savage and The Rock. Shout out to Tiwa, Shout out to The Rock.

Now back to the show. We talked about Brittany's favourite songs and of course she talked about being a Brandy fan. Who isn't? I know I am. Oh, this is where Brittany mentions her older sister who is also her manager. Shout out to Big Sis. I think I may have overdone the shout-outs for Big Sis. Who knew I could be obnoxious? I did.

I asked Brittany how we as a community can help her in her pursuit and she stated we can do so by downloading her single, connecting her with friends we know in the industry. Basically, we need to help celebrate our sister. 

If you are wondering how you can connect with Brittany Bloom, you can do so by following her on Instagram or visiting her website. You can also download her new sing You on iTunes and all other music channels. 

If you download her single on iTunes and follow her on Instagram, one of you lucky people will receive a gift from yours truly. I need proof though so send me a DM on Instagram or email me. I hope you were able to enjoy the show, despite the technical issues.

Brittany Bloom
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