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Of Course I've Been To Mexico

Of Course I've Been To Mexico

Disclaimer: If you are hoping for some insights as to what you should do when you visit Mexico, sorry I have none. No animals were hurt during this trip except for the mosquito that tried to bite me in Spanish, so I ended its existence in English. 

A few years ago, Sarah and I went to Mexico for vacation. We stayed in one of those all-inclusive resorts on the coast of Mexico. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico was a beautiful place. Now haters will say but Ish, did you even leave the resort to explore Playa Del Carmen? My answer will be this, no. I could barely explore all the resort had to offer. Here I go again, digressing from what I want to talk about. If you know anything about me at this point, you probably think I did not plan this trip...Wrong, I did. Why else would I have chosen an all-inclusive resort?


No, I wasn't thinking about how awesome it would be to visit such a resort. I was very sceptical about the whole thing. I'm jumping ahead here. Let's go back to the beginning. I knew I had some vacation time coming up and wanted us to do something fun (yes I have my moments) so I asked Sarah where she would like to go. Of course, I got a list of places. Naturally, I was just hoping for a place a few states over so I wouldn't have to do as much planning (because we all know how I am with planning trips). Okay, let's stop right here...

If you keep wondering what I'm hinting to, just go ahead and read my post How Not To Travel: Cali Baby. Once, you are done, read That Time I Was In L.A. Go ahead, I'll wait.  

Ten minutes later...Welcome back. Now that you know how sorry I am with planning and being a travel guide let's continue this relationship. So where was I? Oh, that's right, I did not expect Sarah to have a list. Who am I kidding, women always have a list. Check out my latest post on how to stop women from making a list. Haha, I bet you thought I was serious, didn't you? Guess what, all the places on her list were outside of the continental U.S. I smiled when she sent me the list because she knew how bad I was with planning vacations but she keeps holding on to hope. Give that woman a shout out...SHOUT OUT.

I did not let this impossible list bring me down. I got in touch with my travel agent (aka Google) to research the destinations. Once I started seeing the average cost for these destinations, I started eliminating some. I wish I knew of blogs on travelling on a budget back then, I would have rocked that vacation and gain massive brownie points (or scout points). Anyway, during my search, I came across the website CheapCaribbean.com. Just so you know, I spelt that with double Rs. Thank God for Grammarly and Auto-Correct. Technology has made me so dumb lately. Post for another day.

CheapCaribbean.com opened my eyes to the world of all-inclusive vacations. This was a lazy guy's (aka me) dream. A one-stop shop. I did not have to plan anything. I just choose a place, a date, airline preference and viola, my options. Now here is what really got me, I could pay in instalments for the vacation package. Give this guy some points...POINTS.

We arrived in Mexico and drove to the resort, which looked better in person. The ocean was beautiful, the scenery was majestic. Did I care for all that? Not really. I just wanted to know if I was getting everything that was promised. I could eat anything from any of the numerous restaurants in the resort and get my drink on the beach without paying an extra dime (call me cheap if you want). The resort delivered on its promise and then some. We got upgraded to its most expensive hotel and ended up being the youngest couple there and probably the one with the least amount of dollars in our collective pockets. We were definitely one of three black couples that I saw during our stay.


Here I was, rubbing shoulders with the wealthy elites and all I could think about while laying on the private beach was the fun people my age and colour were having further down the beach. That was the experience I paid for. The lesson we learnt was that status can be isolating. Sure it was exciting to be staying in a part of the resort we would have never seen if we had to pay out of pocket for it, but we were more isolated and not having any fun. Sarah was sweet about it, bless her heart. I allowed a few days of fantasy to steal our joy. Of course, we snuck our way back to the other hotels to mingle with people our age and have fun. But we were always viewed as the privileged intruders because our wristbands marked us as elites. Little did these people know, we were all in the same boat.

Did we end up having a great time? You bet we did. We made the most of the experience. Could I have come up with a better vacation plan? Probably not. We ended up signing our lives away for a timeshare we haven't used since we left two years ago and are still paying for. The moral of this story is simple, don't take free upgrades from resorts especially if they make you sit with one of their salespeople. You might be asking yourself, did he seriously write this whole thing just to tell me this? Yes, yes I did. 

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