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Your Tomorrow Has Come

Your Tomorrow Has Come

We live in an age where we don’t have to be afraid of being ourselves and chasing our dreams. Nowhere is this more evident than on social media where people get to freely express themselves. I have encouraged my family and friends to take advantage of this and chase their dreams, but I have not taken my own advice. I enjoy seeing others achieve their dreams and it has been easy for me to help guide them in their pursuit. In fact, I have spent the last fifteen years helping others. Tell me what your goals are, I will do all I can to help you get there. I would gladly sacrifice my own dreams so that others could reach theirs. I expected nothing in return. My reward was the sense of accomplishment I felt from helping others wherever I could. I began to see that the people I helped went on to be even more successful than I was.

"I blamed the system"

At first, I blamed the system. I was the black man struggling within a society designed to work against me. What chance would I have to succeed? “The system” ensured I would start out with a student loan burden I would spend twenty years paying back. They were the lucky ones who didn’t have to break through any ceilings to get to the top. As you can see, I became an expert in finding excuses for my lack of success. This failure mentality affected every aspect of my life. I was not following the same advice I was giving to others. I would go out of my way to help a friend fix his relationship and not lift a finger to help my own. I always told myself that I would work on my relationship...tomorrow. I had no idea that my home and love life were crumbling around me. While I was going through trouble in my personal life, I convinced myself that it was not that bad. When I came across new relationship advice, I always thought about how it would help someone else, but not me. 

I was helping the people all around me grow into the people they wanted to be. However, I was not growing, and I was not experiencing the success I watched them achieve. I felt proud to have been a part of their success, even if they surpassed my own. No matter where you are in your life, there is nothing wrong with helping someone else. But, it was at that point I knew that my tomorrow had come.

I came to this realisation almost fifteen years after immigrating to the United States. I spent this last year working with fellow creatives striving towards success with things they were passionate about. I pretended I was putting in as much effort with my measly posts on Instagram or my few blog posts on my website. I even did some ghostwriting work for others who became big in 2017. I told myself that I was perfecting my art. I kept rescheduling the launch of my poetry collection because I felt it was unfinished. However, I read that same collection last week, and I could not come up with a good reason why I hadn’t published it. I spent the whole year paying for my business, and aside from a few projects, I wasn’t really investing much time into it.

How crowded has your tomorrow become? What are the things you have been putting aside for tomorrow to work on? Here is what my tomorrow looks like:

  • Make time for family
  • Spiritual reconnection
  • Speak my truth
  • Invest in my dreams
  • Seek my mental healing

"My brothers and I need to work together so we can grow as a community and help each other. It is time to accept that my mental health is as important as my physical health. "

Without the sacrifice of my family, this list would be much longer. It is time I invest in myself, so I can be the dad my children deserve. It is time for me to invest more in my relationship with my partner. I want to venture beyond my box and see the world. I need to launch that collection, finish that book, and launch that course. I have to admit that I never needed loans for college and only got them for the refund cheques. It is time to reach out to others for help because I can’t do it all by myself. My brothers and I need to work together so we can grow as a community and help each other. It is time to accept that my mental health is as important as my physical health. I realise that I can already see a change in myself. What are you waiting for? Has your tomorrow come?

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