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Episode 2: The Pursuit of Happiness

Episode 2: The Pursuit of Happiness


Disclaimer: If I sound like I was high, that is just my allergy medication coming through. Heck, this whole episode might just be another loopy monologue from yours truly. You know the drill by now. I am not perfect, life is not perfect, my blog is not perfect, this podcast is not perfect. If you accept that, welcome. If not, goodbye. I am still working on getting my podcast app and iTunes. As soon as those are up, I'll send out an update. You can find my podcast on SoundCloud and Spreaker.

Now here is the topic I was going to talk about in Episode 1: African Queen.  If you recall in the post for that episode, I mentioned that the topic was supposed to be The Pursuit of Happiness. I have always been fascinated with this topic. How do people define happiness? For a long time, I was not even sure how I described happiness.

So let's get right into it. Before I started the recording, I googled the definition of happiness and what I got was this "the state of being happy." I know what you are thinking, well that was no help and I agree. So here is what I got for the word happy; "feeling or showing contentment or pleasure." Look, I am no vocabulary expert, and I am not about to become one.

Now that we have the basic definition of happiness and what it means to be happy, I can continue to bore you with my monologue. If you are like me (please don't be), you must already be stalking (I mean following) people on social media who just look happy. Their happiness makes you want to question your sense of joy. I swear some of these people look like they attended a school that teaches them how to smile and exude happiness. My question is, ARE THEY TRULY HAPPY. If someone tells you that they are happy, is that true? 

I mention the elusive meanings of the females of our species (aka the smart ones) or women for those who are wondering for two reasons:

  1. I believe that women speak whole other language men will never understand.

  2. I was given the famous "nothing is wrong" line the other day, and as in the past (thirty-two years to be precise), I failed the test.

I digress. What I want to talk about (let's face it, it's not like you can say anything during this recording) is what I have been trying to do, to be happy. I have lied to myself over and over in the past that I was happy, but as usual, I was wrong. By the way, I don't plan on transcribing every single word in my podcast episodes. Epidose 1: African Queen was the exception. This post is to stimulate conversation. No, really, I promise. Well fine. I also want to see if anyone is actually listening to my podcast or reading my blog.

Send me a DM on Instagram, comment below, email me, for crying out loud, whisper in the wind. Just let me know what you think about pursuit. By the way, if you feel like I'm on your couch, I probably am. If you missed that reference, it's okay. LOL (can I type lol in a blog?), I just said not only was I not happy, I was miserable. Isn't that part of what it means to be unhappy?

If you are just figuring this out now, yes I am listening to the episode while I type up this blog. No, I did not pay someone to type this up. I hear you can do that. Imagine some poor guy or girl in Utah (I don't know why I chose Utah) listening to my podcast and trying to transcribe this episode. Imagine the questions that person will have about his life. Questions like what the hell was this dude thinking to publish this episode? I want whatever allergy medication he had.

Slow your role people. I actually have some serious questions for you to consider in this episode.

  • Is your happiness dependent on someone else's?

  • Do you need others to validate you before you can say you're happy?

  • What are you willing to give up for your happiness?

  • What scale are you using to determine your happiness?

  • Do your goals and reaching them dictate your level of happiness?

Side note: who started the phrase, down to the T? Oh and the friend I know with the plan for his life, well he married someone who already had children (all girls) and ended up studying engineering. He laughed after listening to this episode (lol I forced him to be a listener because I told him I had an expose on him in it).

I hope you listen to this episode and that you get something out of it. In future episodes, I hope to have guests on so we can discuss topics like this. I will continue to share my monologue episodes of course. Thank you for reading and listening.


Please share with your friends or your enemies, I don't judge. 

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