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That Time I Got Nominated

That Time I Got Nominated

During my flight to California last week, I was telling the boss how it feels like no one reads my blog. I went on to share how I have only vibed with a few bloggers, and I am glad I met these great minds through Black Bloggers United. I mentioned one blog in particular because the articles spoke to me.

Unbeknownst to me, the blogger behind that blog Words with Randie was probably finishing her post about being nominated and also nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award. Once the plane landed, my messages and notifications started rolling in; I saw something I did not expect to see. I had been nominated by Randie.

I smiled because I knew that out there, was at least one person who found something in my words that she vibed with (fine I did not smile. I screamed like a little child in the airport). So please stop by Randie's Blog to show her love, you will not regret it.

Here are the rules for the nomination:

1. Thank the nominator and provide link to blog

2. Write a post to show off your award

3. Brief story on how you started your blog4. Give two small pieces of advice for other bloggers

5. Select fifteen other blogs

6. Tell those who you’ve nominated that they were selected

Since 1 and 2 are already checked off, let me get to the rest. I started my blogs several years ago on Blogger as an attempt to work out personal issues I was going through. However, that failed because I feared sharing these matters. Years later, I came back to it and tried sharing short stories and poems. Again, another fail.

Recently, I decided to do it all over again and share my thoughts not because I expected fame, but because I wanted to honestly share my experience with you guys regardless of your judgement. My blog has been named many things over the years, but last year, I decided on Mr Ganda because that is the person I have always wanted to be.

1. Blogger Envy will cripple you. Trust me, I know. I remember coming back to blogging and seeing how these new and younger bloggers were doing so well after just being on the scene for a few months and I had been around for years with no following. I lost my way. I tried writing about things they wrote about just to see if I could attract a following. I got rid of tonnes of articles (fine maybe 20 but it felt like a lot more) because they did not feel like something these other bloggers would post. It wasn't until I came across the article Hey, It's Okay… | Combatting Blogger Envy that I accepted things. I realised that these people were successful because they were putting in work. I also realised that I was a step closer to my success by just accepting my shortcomings.

2. Don't hold back. I mean if you have something you believe others can learn from, write about it. Do not be afraid of what people will say or think. They were going to say or think those things anyway. Talk about that failed relationship, the loss of your dad, share that job promotion. Talk about life and all the things that come with it. I always thought my blog should be about the good things but soon noticed that I was not honest with myself. How come I was always the hero of my stories? I knew I was not perfect and people needed to see that in my articles. So my advice to you is to write from your soul.

Nomination time people: In no particular order, here are my 15 nominees and the reason why I selected these wonderful people.

1. The Big Fashion Guy because his blog taught me that it is one thing to know self-confidence and different thing to be self-confident.

2. Don't Die Afraid because this young lady exudes passion for something most would try to ignore; mental health.

3. The Gay Bestie because he represents self-acceptance in a world shaped by society.

4. IamMeikkoLove because her articles are just great.

5. Global Finance Matters because one has to understand the importance of knowing how to manage one's finances.

6. My Happy Journeigh because she is an advocate for mental health and self-love.

7. She's Candid because this young lady created a place for Black Bloggers to come together and inspire each other.

8. Adzvice because these guys are awesome and things they share can help people out there.

9. Steven Onoja because I have followed this young man for a long time and very impressed by his work.

10. A Curated Man because who doesn't like a curated man?

11. The Steered Mind because we all need some of the knowledge this blog has to share.

12. Ms. Nena B. Show because she can motivate you to be a better you.

13. Dip Your Toes In because I aspire to be like them one day.

14. Telling Of Love because a guy wants to be told of love too.

15. Keshia M. White because her work is excellent.


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