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That Time I Was In L.A.

That Time I Was In L.A.

Slowly, Los Angeles is becoming my home on the West Coast. However, it's got nothing to do with the beautiful weather, sunny beaches, its laid-back atmosphere or its welcoming residents (no seriously, that's not the reason). My purpose is that I've got family out there who care for me and mine. If you have read my post When Friends Become Family, you might already know that this is not my first time visiting the City of Angels. It is my third. However, it is the first time I have decided to share with you the things that I did while I was there and hopefully help you experience L.A. in a way that is better than mine.

If you read my blog post How Not To Travel: Cali Baby, then you might have some idea of what to expect. If not, I'm sorry. So here we go, this is not a travel guide, and I am not a professional travel advisor. You do not have to heed any of my advice (please don't). Also, no animals got were hurt during this visit (I'm not counting the bugs that bit me). You must know that I am not the one for visiting places that usually attract tourists wherever I go. If you are into seeing all the things L.A. has to offer, then this will be a disappointment. Nevertheless, I still have a few must-dos for you while in Cali.



Make sure you get you a burger from In-N-Out Burger. What is In-N-Out Burger?  I'm glad you asked because it is only the best fast food burger place I have ever been to for a burger. Now I know some of you might start calling names of places you believe to be better, but until you tell me and I try them out, In-N-Out is my choice. How simple is it to order from this place, incredibly simple. You have three main things on the menu, a Double Double, a Cheeseburger, and a Hamburger. I've got no affiliation with the company (though I won't mind being in a relationship with them). They just happen to be part of my L.A. experience and will be for the foreseeable future. If at any point I start getting paid for eating their food, I'll make sure you know about it.

On a hot day (which in L.A. happens to be every day), be sure to stop by one of the many Thai rolled up ice cream parlours and get you a tasty, refreshing cup of rolled up ice cream. While we were out in L.A. after a day of roaming the city (not my choice), Will and Wally made sure we stopped by -8 C Ice Cream in Gardena to get some ice cream. Being a chocolate lover (yes that too), I got the Chocolate Love. They've got other flavours and toppings, but I wanted mine plain. They've even got free WiFi while you wait, watching them create your masterpiece.

Make sure you go to Hollywood Boulevard. But you said you don't do tourist attractions. Allow me to explain; you have to go so you can see for yourself that there's nothing special about this place. I went, I saw stars of celebrities I liked, and I even took a shot or two of a couple of stars. I got a pin from a tourist shop because my brother gave me the idea of collecting badges for every place I visit. There's nothing special about Hollywood Boulevard. At least that is what I think. Now that I have been and seen what it's like, I know I'll not be returning for a second look.

You must take a stroll in Venice Beach. Again, this is only because that was the first Californian beach I ever walked. You might get yourself a tattoo, an awesome t-shirt, painting, or all three. I on the other hand just wanted to go for a stroll, and people watch. I never walked on the sand or dip my toes in the ocean. Oh no, that was too much for me. Some of you might be saying what the point of going to the beach if you're not going to play in the water and my answer would be this is, I went there for a stroll. When I go to the beach to play in the water, you will be able to tell. The first sign, no loafers. Plus I was beginning to get hungry, and we had a dinner to attend. 

If you are like me and have friends and family living in the city, allow them to take you to Beverly Hills, even if you don't care to see how the stars live. It's a matter of pride thing for L.A. people (or are they called Los Angelinos?) I believe. Plus Sarah wanted to see all that. Not my speed. So I forced myself to go and see what Beverly Hills was all about. Again, not impressed. Maybe I'm just hard to impress but who wants to live like that (don't answer that). Going through my phone, I see a picture of the Roosevelt Hotel. I must have had a reason for taking the shot, but I cannot recall it now. I had to text Sarah at work to remind me what street we parked at, and it was N. Beverly Drive, and we walked to Rodeo Drive (in any other place it would be pronounced rodeo, but in L.A. it is ro-day-o drive). Why does this matter? To me, it doesn't, but it was apparently on one of the reality shows we watched last night (don't judge me).

We also drove to Sacramento for my possible step mum's and my brother's birthdays, and to watch the Manchester United versus Real Madrid game (neither team is my team). One thing I will tell you about that trip is this, Sacramento is hot. That's it. So, next time you are in Los Angeles, do what I did, enjoy it your way. Do not listen to any travel advisor or website (me included). Experience what you want to and see the things you want to. If you wish to spend your day on your brother's couch watching television sitting next to your horny pup nephew named Chance, do just that. It is your time, and you should use it how you want to.

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